Focaccia Genovese (Genovese Focaccia)

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Experience a Taste of Italy with Focaccia Genovese

Indulge in the traditional Italian recipe of Focaccia Genovese, a savory and aromatic bread hailing from the Italian cuisine. Made with olive oil, rosemary, and sea salt, this dish is perfect for any occasion.

Whether you’re hosting a casual gathering with friends or looking for a delicious snack to pair with your favorite wine, Focaccia Genovese is sure to impress. Its light and fluffy texture combined with rich flavors make it an ideal choice for any meal.

Serve this classic Italian food as an appetizer or alongside your main course to add an authentic touch to your dining experience. Transport yourself to the streets of Genoa with every bite of this delectable dish.

Don’t miss out on the opportunity to savor the flavors of Italy with Focaccia Genovese. Buon appetito!

Italian Recipe: Focaccia Genovese (Genovese Focaccia)

– 500g of all-purpose flour
– 300ml of warm water
– 7g of active dry yeast
– 1 teaspoon of sugar
– 1 teaspoon of salt
– Extra virgin olive oil
– Coarse sea salt

*Preparation time: 2 hours
Serves: 4 persons
Cooking time: 25 minutes


Step 1: In a bowl, dissolve the yeast and sugar in warm water. Let it sit for about 10 minutes until foamy.

Step 2: In a large mixing bowl, combine the flour and salt. Slowly pour in the yeast mixture and knead until a smooth dough forms.

Step 3: Cover the dough with a clean kitchen towel and let it rise in a warm place for about an hour, or until doubled in size.

Step 4: Preheat your oven to 200°C (400°F). Grease a baking sheet with olive oil.

Step 5: Punch down the dough and transfer it to the prepared baking sheet. Gently press it out to fit the pan, creating dimples with your fingers.

Step 6: Drizzle olive oil over the top of the dough and sprinkle with coarse sea salt.

Step 7: Bake in the preheated oven for about 20-25 minutes, or until golden brown.

*Difficulty score:
I would rate this recipe as a 3 out of 10. While making Focaccia Genovese requires some patience for the dough to rise, overall, it is quite simple and straightforward. The key is to ensure that you have fresh ingredients and follow each step carefully for delicious results!


Nutrition: Focaccia Genovese (Genovese Focaccia)

As an expert in Italian cuisine, I am excited to share the nutrition information for Focaccia Genovese (Genovese Focaccia), a classic Italian recipe that is loved around the world.

This delicious dish is made with simple ingredients such as flour, water, yeast, olive oil, and salt. Here is the approximate nutrition per serving:

  • Calories: 200
  • Protein: 5g
  • Carbohydrates: 35g
  • Fat: 5g
  • Fiber: 2g

Focaccia Genovese is a relatively healthy choice for a meal or snack. It provides a good amount of carbohydrates for energy, some protein for muscle building and repair, and fiber for digestion. The olive oil used in this recipe also adds healthy fats that are beneficial for heart health.

Enjoy this traditional Italian food as part of a balanced diet to experience the flavors of Italy at home!

Serving suggestions for Focaccia Genovese (Genovese Focaccia)

If you’re serving Focaccia Genovese as an appetizer, you can pair it with some traditional Italian antipasti such as olives, cured meats, and cheeses. The salty and savory flavors of these dishes complement the light and fluffy texture of the focaccia perfectly.

For a main course, consider serving Focaccia Genovese alongside a fresh salad or soup. The simplicity of the focaccia makes it a versatile accompaniment to a wide range of dishes, making it a great option for a family meal or dinner party.

  • Antipasti such as olives, cured meats, and cheeses
  • Fresh salad or soup
  • Grilled vegetables or seafood

What to serve with Focaccia Genovese (Genovese Focaccia)

When deciding what to serve with your homemade Focaccia Genovese, consider pairing it with grilled vegetables or seafood. The light and airy texture of the focaccia pairs well with the smoky flavors of grilled vegetables or the delicate taste of seafood.

You can also serve Focaccia Genovese alongside a selection of Italian cheeses and charcuterie for a delicious and satisfying meal. The combination of flavors and textures will create a memorable dining experience that showcases the best of Italian cuisine.

  • Grilled vegetables or seafood
  • Italian cheeses and charcuterie
  • Fresh herbs and olive oil for dipping

Tips to Increase Flavor for Focaccia Genovese

For an authentic Italian recipe like Focaccia Genovese, it’s important to focus on enhancing the flavors of the simple ingredients used. One tip to increase the flavor of your Genovese Focaccia is to use high-quality extra virgin olive oil. This will add richness and depth to the bread, making it even more delicious.

Another tip is to sprinkle a generous amount of sea salt on top of the focaccia before baking. This will not only enhance the flavor but also add a nice crunch to every bite. You can also add fresh rosemary or other herbs to give your Focaccia Genovese a fragrant and aromatic touch.

Spicy Score: 2/10

I would rate the spiciness level of Focaccia Genovese as a 2 out of 10. Traditional Italian food does not typically include spicy elements, and Focaccia Genovese is no exception. The focus here should be on bringing out the savory flavors of the olive oil, salt, and herbs rather than adding heat.