Houses for rent in Rotherham, England

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Apartments and houses for rent in Rotherham, England

Population: 176.395

Rotherham, England, United Kingdom

General Information

Rotherham is a town in South Yorkshire, England, located on the River Don. It has a rich industrial history and is known for its steel production. The town offers a mix of urban amenities and countryside landscapes, making it an attractive place to live for many.


If you are looking for houses for rent in Rotherham or apartments for rent in Rotherham, you will find that the cost of living in Rotherham is relatively affordable compared to other cities in the UK. Property prices are lower than in nearby cities like Sheffield or Leeds, making it an appealing option for those on a budget.


When considering a move to Rotherham, it is important to take into account the tax implications. The UK has various taxes including income tax, council tax, and Value Added Tax (VAT). Make sure to research how these taxes may impact your finances before making the move.

Living Costs

In addition to housing costs, other living expenses such as groceries, transportation, and utilities should be taken into consideration when moving to Rotherham. Overall, the cost of living in Rotherham is moderate compared to other parts of the UK, making it a viable option for many individuals and families.

Employment Opportunities

Rotherham has a diverse economy with opportunities in industries such as manufacturing, healthcare, education, and retail. There are also several business parks and industrial estates providing job opportunities for residents. Whether you are looking for full-time employment or part-time work, Rotherham offers a range of options to suit different preferences and skill sets.

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Housing Market

If you are looking for a house for rent Rotherham or an apartment for rent Rotherham, this town in England is a great place to consider. The housing market in Rotherham offers a variety of options to suit different budgets and preferences. From quaint cottages to modern apartments, you will find a range of properties in this area.


Rotherham boasts beautiful surroundings that make it an attractive place to live. With picturesque countryside, historic landmarks, and vibrant town centers, there is something for everyone here. Whether you enjoy outdoor activities or exploring cultural attractions, Rotherham has plenty to offer its residents.

Popularity Score: 7 out of 10

The popularity score for Rotherham is a solid 7 out of 10 in the United Kingdom. This town’s growing reputation as a desirable place to live, coupled with its affordable housing options and scenic surroundings, make it an appealing choice for many people looking to relocate.


Rotherham experiences a temperate maritime climate with mild summers and cool winters. The average annual rainfall is relatively low compared to other parts of the UK, making it a pleasant place to live.

Education System

Rotherham has a well-established education system with a range of primary and secondary schools, as well as colleges. There are also opportunities for higher education in nearby cities like Sheffield.


Rotherham has good transportation links, with easy access to major motorways and public transport options including buses and trains. This makes commuting to work or exploring the surrounding areas convenient.

Food Options and Shopping

Rotherham offers a variety of food options ranging from traditional British cuisine to international fare. There are also plenty of shopping opportunities, including local markets and retail outlets.

City Size

Rotherham is a medium-sized town, offering a balance between urban conveniences and a more relaxed pace of life. It provides all the amenities you may need without the hustle and bustle of larger cities.

Health Care Facilities

Rotherham has a range of health care facilities including hospitals, clinics, and pharmacies to cater to the needs of its residents. You can rest assured that you will have access to quality medical services when living in Rotherham.

Crime rate score: 3 out of 10
The crime rate in Rotherham is relatively low compared to many other towns in the UK. While there are occasional incidents, overall it is considered safe for residents. With proper precautions and awareness, you can enjoy living in Rotherham without major concerns about crime.

Houses for rent in Rotherham, Apartments for rent in Rotherham

Sport in Rotherham

One of the most popular sports in Rotherham is football, and the town has several stadiums that host matches for various teams. If you are a football fan, moving to Rotherham could be an exciting opportunity to catch some live games.

  • New York Stadium – Home to Rotherham United Football Club, this modern stadium has a capacity of over 12,000 seats.
  • Clifton Lane – This historic rugby ground is used by the Rotherham Titans rugby team for their matches.

Rotherham United FC is one of the most popular teams in the area, with a dedicated fan base that fills New York Stadium on game days. The club competes in the English Football League One and has a rich history in the sport.

If you are looking for houses for rent in Rotherham or apartments for rent in Rotherham, living close to these stadiums could provide easy access to exciting sporting events right on your doorstep. Whether you are a football or rugby enthusiast, Rotherham offers plenty of opportunities to enjoy live sports.

Find Houses and Apartments for Rent in Rotherham, England

If you are searching for houses for rent or apartments for rent in Rotherham, England, there are plenty of options available to suit your needs. Whether you prefer a cozy apartment in the city center or a spacious house in the suburbs, you can find the perfect rental property in this bustling town.

The Importance of Knowing the Neighborhood

Before deciding to live in a new area, it is crucial to research and familiarize yourself with the neighborhood. Knowing the local amenities, crime rates, schools, and transport links can help you make an informed decision about where to live.

By understanding the neighborhood, you can ensure that it meets your lifestyle preferences and provides a safe and convenient environment for you and your family. Take the time to explore different areas of Rotherham and consider factors such as proximity to work, shopping centers, parks, and public transportation.

In conclusion, when searching for houses or apartments for rent in Rotherham, England, make sure to prioritize knowing the neighborhood before making a decision. This will not only help you find a rental property that suits your needs but also ensure that you feel comfortable and happy in your new home.